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What we do

The Pacific Disability Forum provides leadership, serves as the regional focal point on disability issues in the Pacific and supports the various national DPOs, donor and development partners as well as civil society and the private sector in the quest to ensure that people with disabilities live in an inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based society in Pacific Island countries and territories.

The Pacific Disability Forum will continue to turn the tide of persons with disabilities from being viewed as a burden, dependent and not worthy investing in, to individuals with dignity and potential to become equal partners and active contributors to their families, communities and nations.

The Pacific Disability Forum supports the establishment and strengthening of DPOs in Pacific Island countries and territories to better enable them to advocate for the rights and defend the dignity of persons with disabilities at national and local levels. At the regional level PDF through its regional secretariat, engage with governments, development partners, civil society and private sector to recognise and act on inclusive policy and practice, recognising the numerous needs of persons with disabilities based on culture, gender and other factors.

This strategy adopts an integrated and holistic approach to promote and facilitate regional cooperation on disability related issues for the benefit of persons with disabilities, their families and organisations in the Pacific. The work of PDF is categorised into three integrated key result areas. 

KRA 1: Strong, Effective and Sustainable PDF
KRA 2: Strengthening Partnerships
KRA 3: Increased Research, Data and Inclusive Practices 
Theory of Change