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KRA 3: Increased Research, Data and Inclusive Practices

PDF will influence policies and programs through evidence-based research, data and inclusive practices.

PDF is acutely aware that persons with disabilities, their families and organisations are vulnerable to current and emerging issues that significantly impact Pacific society, environment, economies and culture. Disability inclusive development will be vigorously pursued in such emerging issues through research, pilot projects and data collection.

Research efforts will focus on the identification of effective approaches to advocacy, policy change and changing attitudes related to disability inclusive societies.  In addition, opportunities for inclusion of disability issues to address the concerns and aspirations of persons with disabilities in the Pacific will be fully utilised. Examples of these emerging issues include climate change, business, sports, disaster preparedness and management, HIV/AIDS, mental health, sexual reproductive health, inclusive churches, and non-communicable diseases.

PDF also recognises the importance of disability statistics in the region and therefore efforts will be undertaken to engage with relevant partners to ensure national census, population surveys, etc. include persons with disabilities using international data collection tools such as the Washington Group questions.


3.1       Advocate for and conduct research as well as engage in emerging issues for effective inclusion
3.2       Initiate pilot activities and develop toolkits to demonstrate access and inclusion processes and outcomes
3.3       Promote disaggregated data collection with stakeholders.