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Pacific Deaf Strengthening Program 2019

Video Production - Pacific Deaf Strengthening Program 2019

Report - Pacific Deaf Strengthening Program 2019

Pacific Focused Disability Research 

SDG - CRPD Full Report 2018 (New - October 31, 2019)

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Pacific Disability Forum SDG-CRPD Monitoring Report 2018 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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Deeper Silence
This report looks at the experiences of women with disabilities in the area of sexual and reproductive health and violence in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Tonga.  

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Disability at a Glance
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) publishes a biennial snapshot of disability in the  Asia Pacific region.  The 2012 edition is available online [pdf] at the UNESCAP website.

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Development Bulletin
The Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University publishes their Development Bulletin online. This publication looks at development issues (including disability) in the Asia Pacific Region.  You can download previous editions of the bulletin [pdf] at the Crawford School website. 

Pacific Sisters with Disabilities
In 2009 the United Nations Development Programme published a report on women with disabilities in the Pacific.  Entitled Pacific Sisters with Disabilities: at the Intersection of Discrimination, this report explores in detail the challenges Pacific women with disabilities face, laws, policies and programs affecting them. The report also makes recommendations for governments, Disabled People's Associations, women's organisations and the private sector.  Download the report [pdf]

World Report on Disability
The World Health Organisation's (WHO) World Report on Disability provides a comprehensive evidence base on the barriers people with disability face around the world. Download the report [pdf]

Disability, Livelihood and Poverty in Asia and the Pacific
An executive summary of research into livelihood, poverty and disability in Asia and the Pacific, most notably Fiji. Download the report [pdf]

Pacific Disability Forum Research

PDF/ APIDS Reports

Pacific Report: Capacity Development for Effective and Efficient Disabled People’s Organisations in Pacific Island countries
A report that provides and overview of the capacity and potential of disabled people's organisations in 11 Pacific Island Countries. 
Download the report [pdf]

PDF/ APIDS Country Reports

Cook Islands - Cook-Islands-report-June-2011.pdf [pdf]
Federated States of Micronesia - Final-FSM-research-report-April-2012.pdf [pdf]
Fiji - Final-Fiji-report-July-2011.pdf [pdf]
Kiribati [pdf]
Nauru - Final-Nauru-Country-Report-March-2012.pdf [pdf]
Papua New Guinea - PNG-Research-Report-final-Oct-2011.pdf [pdf]
Samoa - Samoa-Report-Final-August-2011.pdf [pdf]
Solomon Islands - Final-Solomon-Islands-report-March-2012.pdf [pdf]
Tonga - Final -Tonga-research-report-March-2012.pdf [pdf]
Tuvalu - Final -Tuvalu-report-March-2012.pdf [pdf]
Vanuatu -Vanuatu-summary-report-April-2012.pdf [pdf]