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Disability Inclusive Development

Persons with disabilities and their families are particularly vulnerable to issues such as natural disasters, climate change, mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and non-communicable disease that significantly impact on Pacific society. The Pacific Disability Forum advocates for the inclusion of disability issues in these areas to address the concerns and aspirations of persons with disabilities.
The Pacific Disability Forum is working to influence policies and programs on disability by providing information on current and emerging disability issues and advocating for disability inclusive development practices.  We work closely at regional level with the Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat,  Secretariat of the Pacific Community,  United Nations Agencies, Pacific Regional Non – Governmental Organisations and donors such as AusAID. We do this through:
  • participation and voicing of disability issues in regional workshops and meetings.
  • the roll out of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management Project with the help of governments and other stakeholders.  
  • capacity development of persons with disabilities within our Disabled People's Organisations to create a pool of experts to which knowledge and advice can be drawn from
At the national level, National Disabled Peoples Organisations are working closely with national Governments, civil society, development partners and donors to foster the inclusion of disability in disaster inclusive development. We do this by:
  • Training the Fiji Disabled People's Association members on Disability Inclusive Development
  • Capacity development training for Disabled People's Organisation members on disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management.
  • Engaging Disabled People's Organisation members for their knowledge and in sight on gaps in current disaster relief plans and ideas on how these can be improved.
  • Engaging with government at national and divisional level and National Disaster Management Office to allow for inclusion of persons with disabilities in the planning and implementation process of disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management strategies and standard operating procedures.