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Australia Pacific Islands Disability Support 

The Pacific Disability Forum and Australia Pacific Islands Disability Support teamed up for an 18 month research project on Capacity Development for Disabled People’s Organisations in the Pacific.  The project visited 11 Pacific Island Countries. Researchers visited each country and conducted meetings and focus groups with Disabled People’s Organisations, persons with disability in the community and government officials. 

The research focussed on qualitative data on:

  • identifying existing capacity strengths of the Disabled People’s Organisations,
  • identifying shared capacity development objectives among Disabled People’s Organisations
  • identifying approaches and tools for strengthening capacity
  • describing experiences and lessons learned about capacity development processes
  • describing factors which influence existing capacity of Disabled People’s Organisations in the Pacific
  • providing information to support evidence informed policy making
  • providing DPOs learning opportunities about capacity development, effectiveness and efficiency in their own contexts

Research reports for each country and a summary report are available in our online resource library.

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
UNESCAP funded the Pacific Disability Forum’s research into livelihood and disability in Fiji.  The research took place across all divisions in Fiji, was both qualitative and quantitative, and included face-to-face interviews and focus groups.  Researchers asked about housing, household structure, social services, skills and education, income, and non-income livelihood issues. 

The final report is available in our online resource library.

Fiji Disabled Peoples Association 
In 2011 the Pacific Disability Forum and the Fiji Disabled Peoples Association teamed up to perform research on disaster and risk reduction in Fiji.  The purpose of the research was to identify the gaps and to share experiences of persons with disabilities during disasters. Researchers used a structured questionnaire and focus groups to gather data.  The project gathered and analysed the data and made recommendations on how to work with government and the community to include persons with disabilities in disaster preparation in Fiji. 

The final report is available in our online resource library.